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What We Do

Measurement and Monitoring

We are specialists in remote M&M. Whether you are measuring earthquakes in a deep well, or temperature in a building, speak to us.

Hardware and Software

IESE has partnered with some of the leading companies in Measurement and Monitoring to bring you the best solution. We integrate systems from multiple vendors with our own hardware and software to build solutions that WORK in your application.

Dig Deep into Data

Dashboards are fine for instantaneous snapshots. But there is SO MUCH MORE time-dependent information in your data. Smart analytics will help you extract deeper insights. 

Manufacturing and Assembly

Our deep-borehole sensors remain state-of-the-art, monitoring earthquakes around the world, and built in our custom facility. But we also build telemetry systems and sensor housings for a wide range of outdoor and indoors applications.

Cloud Services

Everybody is migrating to the cloud. Or are they? We help you find the solution that fits your business. Cloud or Hybrid Cloud. We go beyond simple storage to full digital transformation. 

Rapid Application Design

Collecting and collating field data in spreadsheets? Transcribing data from notebooks? We have tools to convert spreadsheets into Apps. Collect the data in the field on an App on your phone, and synch it directly to the cloud.


Industries and Sectors

Environmental (Outdoor and Indoor)

Construction (Vertical and Horizontal)

Asset and Property Management



We monitor everything including earthquakes and vibration, ground movement, structural integrity, indoor climate, weather, and security and vision systems.


We Connect Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

Our goal is to get your systems talking to each other, so that you can make decisions. We work with you within your budget to make this happen, step by step.

Five Spheres. One Mission.

Remote Measurement and Monitoring relies on a chain of building blocks. Reliability and Security are paramount. Systems need to be able to withstand the rigors of remote deployment. 

We work with you to design and build systems that are reliable and secure, to help ensure that critical data gets to those who need it. FAST.

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What People Are Saying

We don’t want another “solution”, that doesn’t talk to all our other solutions. We want everything integrated.

Instrumentation and Monitoring Manager

We were able to correlate the effects of rainfall, wind direction, and ocean tides and swell to pore water pressure, and then to ground movement. We were able to identify leading indicators of ground movement.

Principal Engineer

The system you provided was really good. For the first time ALL our data on a project was available in one place.

Principal Engineer

Dashboards are just snap-shots of what’s happening now. I want to know WHAT CAUSED it to happen, and WHEN it CAUSED it to happen. And if possible, what’s GOING to happen.

Mining Engineer

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